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RefWorksissa käyttökatko 8.2.2020

RefWorksissa käyttökatko 8.2.2020

RefWorks on poissa käytöstä 8.2.2020 enimmillään 12 tunnin ajan. Lisätietoja RefWorksin tiedotteesta alla.

Dear RefWorks Community,
To allow RefWorks to more fully leverage the security, scalability, and support of the Ex Libris Cloud infrastructure, we are moving the RefWorks data center to a new server. The required work began in December and will be completed in February. Therefore an additional downtime will take place on February 8, 2020. We are expecting a down time of up to 12 hours for both legacy RefWorks and (new) RefWorks. This has been communicated to all users through the in-app announcement feature and will be repeated the week of February 3, 2020.

Important notification:

Down Time for: Legacy RefWorks and (new) RefWorks; RefWorks Citation Manager and Write-n-Cite will be unavailable as well.
When: Starting 9PM Saturday February 8, 2020 Central Time, and for up to 12 hours.
Support: If you have any questions, please contact support:

RefWorks Product Management Team