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Live and Study in Finland

Live and Study in Finland

Located at the top of Europe, bordering Norway, Sweden and Russia, Finland is a gateway to East and West and has a long tradition of doing business across cultures. Haaga-Helia is located in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. In addition to excellent study opportunities, Helsinki has been ranked multiple times as one the world´s best cities to live in.

Finland is a member of the European Union and enjoys top rankings worldwide in surveys of competitiveness, quality of education and sustainable development. Finland is not only known for its spectacular nature and four distinct seasons, but is famous for its production and export of high technology. Finland is an excellent international study destination providing high quality university studies, quality of life, equality, career opportunities and a safe and stable environment.

Finland is a progressive welfare country providing an extensive network of well-functioning public services such as health, childcare, education and transport. There are currently approximately 20 000 international degree students in Finnish higher education studies representing a global community of future experts.

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Why Study in Finland?

#1 Happiest country in the world (Sustainable Development Solutions Network, 2019)

#1 Most peaceful and sustainable country in the world (Fragile States Index 2016)

Best Higher Education and Training System in the World (World Economic Forum 2015)

Finland has the world’s cleanest air (World Health Organization 2018)

Finland has

  • 5.5 million people
  • 180 000 lakes and islands
  • 70% of land covered in forests
  • 4 distinct seasons