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Renewal of Haaga-Helias network password

Renewal of Haaga-Helias network password

The renewal of a Haaga-Helias network password is now possible by using e-Identification: your online bank identifiers, mobile certificate or certificate card. Identification via is free of charge.

For the password renewal, you need to be identified via e-Identification and you need a valid mobile phone number. When the new password has been set, it will be sent as an SMS text message to your mobile number that you have set at Mynet. If your number is missing from Mynet or is not valid, password renewal will fail. Please ensure that you have a valid mobile number set at Mynet!
If you are sure that your information in Mynet is valid, please contact Helpdesk. If you do not know your Mynet-username or password, please contact the Study Services.

Identification via mobile certificate is similar to bank identification, but you do not need a Finnish bank account. Instead your SIM-card needs to be replaced or a mobile certificate already on the SIM-card needs to be activated. Further Information about the mobile certificate.

Watch a video how-to query your username and renew your password. No sound on the video.

If you want to reset your password, please proceed into identification.