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All Haaga-Helia campuses will be closed down

All Haaga-Helia campuses will be closed down

In accordance with the policies of Finnish Government, all Haaga-Helia campuses will be closed down from March 18 until May 31.​ Haaga-Helia has five campuses located in Pasila, Haaga, Malmi, Porvoo and in Vierumäki.

Haaga-Helia goes over to a total distance teaching

Haaga-Helia has already shifted into virtual teaching or into other alternative teaching methods until May 31. The training units will announce separately about the educational decisions.​

Haaga-Helia extends measures to reduce the risk of further infections of coronavirus

Haaga-Helia interrupts international mobility to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus. All staff members’ work-related travel abroad and all student exchanges and internships abroad have been canceled until further notice.

Also, Haaga-Helia will not receive any international guests at the moment. These arrangements apply until the end of May. Further instructions will be given as the situation progresses.

No public events will be organised in Haaga-Helia until the end of May.

Concerning the organization of entrance examinations, we will work in cooperation with other universities and educational authorities.

Haaga-Helia is actively monitoring the coronavirus situation.

We inform about all changes in our communication channels so it’s advisable to students and staff to follow Intra, MyNet and Haaga-Helia’s open pages on a daily basis.